The improvements to the community area.

Following the winning of a grant from the Big Lottery Fund, we were able to start work to improve the accessibility and useability of the community area.

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Work starts on new toilet block

If you are a plot holder on LCA you will know the current toilet facilities aren't exactly 5 star, but at least we do have flushing toilets which a lot of sites don't have. The toilets have been a god send to many cross legged plot holders and even though they might not be in the best state, they still provide a porcelain throne in times of need. Sadly this lovely little toilet block is now coming to the end of it's life and a sturdier replacement is required. 

Over the past few months the committee have been looking for a suitable replacement to the deteriorating block which doesn't cost the earth and is accessible to disabled people. This has now been sourced at a very reasonable cost and only a few miles away in Hilton. The new block currently has 3 mens toilets, 2 urinals, 1 ladies loo and an accessible toilet for disabled plot holders. At the moment it also has a shower cubicle which will likely be removed and replaced with a baby changing area. 

The past week has been a hive of activity with committee members working in the cold preparing the foundations and connecting water/sewage pipes in order for the block to be delivered next week. It is likely the committee will be working into the new year on the block as everything will need plumbing in, doors need widening, partitions moving and a ramp built for access needs. So if you are visiting in the next couple of weeks, please don't expect to be able to use the new throne rooms. 

The old toilet block will be demoloished and anything recyclable will be put to good use.